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Witbeck grew up drawing pictures of fishing boats, lighthouses, and stormy seascapes and read every sea story he could find.

While studying at Pratt University he would often bunk his morning painting class to hang out at Fulton Fish Market and take photograhs of fishing boats, and the local longshoremen pushing handcarts laden with crates of iced fish. Witbeck got hooked on photography. After dropping out of Pratt (they did not have a photography program) he moved 400 miles inland to study photography and did not see the sea for 10 years.

When Witbeck decided to return to college he chose Rhode Island School of Design due to it's proximity to the salt water. He had been a free lance photographer for 25 years after graduating from RISD and used his camera to open many doors. Witbeck states "The excuse of shooting a photo essay is a great way to get into situations that I otherwise could not have, such as getting aboard tugboats, lobster boats and commerial fishing vessels. Photography is a great documentary medium but does not interest me as an expressive medium.The greatest joy I have as a painter is the freedom from reality. I can bend, twist, stretch, exaggerate what I see. I can paint how things make me feel instead of simply what they look like."


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Gas Station


What began as a gas station back in the 1950's has been transformed into a state of the art gallery representing over 200 artists from across the United States.

Housing fine art, paintings, sculpture, jewelry,pottery,glass, wood and metal, Objects has become a world class gallery located in the small unique seaside resort village of Irvington, Virginia.