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Barbara Umbel, Jewelry

Barbara UmbelI design one of a kind necklaces made out of sea urchins and seashells that I set in a combination of gold and silver. I am truly inspired by my natural surroundings - the shells I find on Melbourne Beach are the stars of my designs. I use traditional metalsmithing techniques to create abstract settings that show off the natural beauty of my beachcombing finds. Each piece is hand fabricated out of 14K gold and sterling silver, and set with natural seashells, freshwater pearls, and gemstones.





Umbel Jewelry

Umbel Jewelry
Umbel Jewelry


Moon snail slide, iodite


Forged aqua limpet from Pacific coast of Mexico,Australian opal,blue topaz and pearls


Abalone shell from Pacific
with blue topaz earrings

Umbel Jewelry

Umbel Jewelry
Umbel Jewelry


Pearlized delphinula from the Philippines,
moonstones and freshwater pearls


Forged Simbercite necklace-tibia shell from the Pacific with Russian simbercite, citrine,smoky quartz and freshwater pearls. Can be worn as pin or slide.


Abalone swimmer from Pacific rutalted agate, rose quartz and moonstones, rhodolite garnet,purple chalcedony and freshwater pearls.

Umbel Jewelry

Umbel Jewelry


South African urchin, peridot,fresh water pearl, silver


Urchin from South Africa, peridots
and fresh water pearls