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KazuriSituated on what was once a part of Karen von Blixen's coffee plantation there is now a small workshop where ceramic jewelry and beads are made by Kenyan women. It is painstaking work. Many of the beads and necklace components are tiny. Each one has to be shaped carefully, polished, fired, painted and fired again. The result is KAZURI, the Swahili word for "small and beautiful."

In the workshops there is a constant buzz that comes from over 350 or so women chatting away non-stop while they work. The peoples of the countries of sub-saharan Africa are facing what often seem to be insurmountable problems as they attempt to improve their respective situations in life. With unemployment running from 65% - 90%, one jobholder often ends up providing for an "extended family" of 20 or more. It is particularly difficult for women to find jobs. Those with little or no education find it virtually impossible. Those lucky ones who do find employment are shown great respect by their families and communities.

Kazuri Founder - Lady Susan Wood was born (1918) in a mud hut in a West African village. Her parents were missionaries from England in the Ituri Forest. Lady Wood was sent back to England to be educated and married Michael Wood, a surgeon. They came to East Africa in 1947. Both dedicated to making a difference, they finally settled near the Karen Blixen estate, famous from the award winning movie "Out of Africa,". Lady Wood was a visionary.and an unsung hero of her time. Working with the local Hospitals, she assisted her husband in


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