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Lilly Barrack, Jewelry

Lily BarrackA world renowned artist, Lilly Barrack creats designer jewelry for everyday wear. Her fondness for gemstones in their natural form and hand forged silver-smithing has given her designs afree spirited effect and prominent place in sculptural jewelry. Each Lilly piece is individually handmade at her studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Her pieces are forged from distinctive, heavy gauge .925 American sterling silver and solid 14K gold accents for a strong splash of bronze coloring and durability. Every stone is handpicked in order to ensure every piece is truely unique and set apart from the rest.



Barrack Jewelry

Barrack Jewelry
Barrack Jewelry

Bracelet 1673

Silver, Red Coral, Pearl, Diamond

Ring 1653

Silver, Grey Moonstone

1669 Bracelet

Silver, Red Coral, Pearl

Barrack Jewelry

Barrack Jewelry

Bracelet 1667

Silver, Herkimer Diamond, Moonstone

Bracelet 1670

Silver, Peridot, Herkimer Diamond

Bracelet 2565

Silver, Mystic Topaz,Druzy

Barrack Jewelry

Barrack Jewelry
Barrack Jewelry

Earrings 2570



Silver, Peridot,Herkimer Diamond



Barrack Jewelry

Barrack Jewelry


Silver, Red Coral Pearls

Earrings 2569

Silver,Red Coral, Pearl

Ring 1672

Silver, Peridot, Blue Pearl, Olivine

Barrack Jewelry

Barrack Jewelry

Bracelet 2563

Silver,Aquamarine,Blue Topaz

Bracelet 1671

Silver, Peridot, Olivine

Bracelet 2567

Silver,Emerald, Green Quartz

Ring 2568

Silver, Green Quartz, Emerald

Ring 2566

Silver, Mystic Fire Topaz