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Lou Michaels

Lou Michaels. Lou Michaels was born in 1959 and raised in a suburb outside the epicenter of the automotive industry, Detroit Michigan. He spent his youth immersed in industrial creativity. In his formative years, he apprenticed under gifted ceramicist and sculptor, George Tudzarov. Lou was influenced by Tudzarov's artistic freedom and ability to synthesize artistic mediums. Lou's work reflects his industrial roots and ceramic background.

Lou's first work uses vintage photography, sculpture and metal to create a cohesive three dimensional nostalgic landscape. The trilogy commemorates the construction of three of New York City's most recognizable skyscrapers and entices the viewer's sense in fresh and exciting ways.



Lunchtime atop the Rockefeller Center

60" x 40"


Tee time atop the Empire State Building

40" x 50"