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Scott Matyjaszek

Scott MatzjaszskMatyjaszek studied Audiovisual Technology at Monroe Community College graduating in 1985 with honors. During his college years,he developed a keen sense for a different kind of photography.

He began to photograph subjects without using tricks, filters or special lighting techniques. Natural available light is used for all images.After shooting and composing his subjects,35mm negatives are scanned into a "Digatal darkroom" using ultra-high resolution film scanner.Photo manipualation software is used to correct color, change density, edit and/or modify the image.

All photographs are hand cut and layered to create a technique that he describes as photo-sculpture.The photos are digitally printed two to three times. Then the photographs are hand-cut with an exacto blade, assembled, layered and glued together to create depth and perspective.




Weathered Doors

20" x 20"

Framed Black Metal

Close Up Gas Pump

15" x 20"

Framed Black Metal



20" x 16"





Eiffel Tower

12" x 15" Matted

Notre Dame Cathedral

12" X 15" Matted

Antique Clocks

12 1/2" x 15 1/2"

Framed Black Metal