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SelenAbout My Artwork

The work of artist / owner Selen Bayrak is instantly recognizable by its striking, bold, tasteful design. Throughout her ever expanding pewter collection lies the spirit of an ancient time where metal smiths hammered their works out by hand, producing art fueled by artistic passion, yet tempered with soulful elegance. Many of her contemporary pieces reflect an abundance of earthy flavor, with textures inspired by the wonders of Mother Nature.

The growing company of Selen Design now includes a new collection, Urban Pewter, that emphasizes fashionable, yet easy-to-wear adornments targeted to the active young professional.

About the Company

Selen Design is a boutique design company that specializes in retro, contemporary allergen-free pewter jewelry which is manufactured locally in an environmentally-conscious production facility.



Gustav Cuff


Bea Bracelet

Mesh, Pewter, Gold

Flow Earrings

24k Gold over Pewter



Geo Chain Necklace


Cala Bracelet

24K Gold over Pewter

Zulu Loops



Square Disc Necklace

24K over Pewter

Ovals Necklace


Grey Cala Necklace

Pewter, Gold, Leather




Abundance Necklace

Pewter, silver, gold

Biga Cuff Gold

Silver Mesh, 24K Gold over Pewter


Loop Lariat Necklace

Silver, Pewter, Gold