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Sha Ja

Ilkin Deniz" I seek to unite the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of life in my work"remarks Sha Ja.. Throwing porcelain on the wheel demands strength, concentration and coordination.

The natural work inspires her so Iand she was fascinated to discover crystalline glazes, in which the process normally occurring deep in the Earth can be coaxed to take place in the kiln. The crystals seem to float in their pool of glaze, creating a fourth dimension on the three dimensional surface of the clay.

She uses mineral oxides to create her colors, and these also affect the formation of crystals. "The unpredictable variations in the placement and size of the crystals makes each kiln opening an occasion of anticipation and wonder like a child opening a gift"says Sha Ja expressing her love of her art.


Vase 623

7" x 19"


Small Vase 621

7" x 8"


Platter 617

21" diameter