Ethan Harper is an American fine artist known for his classical oil paintings. He brings in painterly twist to his works while at the same time ensuring that they remain realist. Besides having a strong background in classical painting, Harper is also respected for his medical illustration skills. His works have been hailed by many, particularly due to his ability to use vivid colors to present the most fitting and distinct moods.

Harper’s creative art pieces are sold either as limited or open edition. He has a unique versatility that makes it possible for him to create a wide variety of artwork pieces on different subjects using diverse color blends. Harper has a very rare ability to charmingly emerge his classical background with modern technique to come up with art that stands the test of time. His use of color is controlled by the specific subject he's working on and the time period he intends the art to represent. Some of his works are also availed in grayscale. Harper’s artwork can be found in several places including galleries and private collections across the US. Most of his print versions are also selling all over the world.